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Welcome to GEOMETRIX- The Leader in Sustainable Building Solutions

At GEOMETRIX, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the construction industry by providing innovative, eco-friendly, and durable building solutions. Our goal is to bring the construction industry into the future by using cutting-edge technologies to create sustainable and environmentally responsible structures.

Our range of products includes lightweight steel concrete prefabricated panels, which offer a fast and efficient construction process while also reducing waste on the construction site. Our panels can also be finished with a variety of coatings to fit the desired design, making them a versatile and aesthetic option for construction projects.

In addition to our prefabricated panels, we offer a range of green building solutions and energy-efficient materials. We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our structures and promoting sustainable practices in the construction industry.

At GEOMETRIX, we understand that building a sustainable future is a shared responsibility, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement.

Vision & Mission

Geometrix's vision is to lead the way in innovative concrete prefabrication solutions. As an established industry leader, the company is experienced in working with all types of customers, from local to global, and from large to small. The company's commitment to exceptional quality is the foundation of its operations and the driving force behind all decisions. Geometrix offers engineering concrete and light concrete as part of its light steel concrete panels, and constantly invests in technology and research to stay ahead of the curve.

Geometrix's mission is to give concrete back its nobility and elegance through its malleability in prefabrication, making luxury more accessible. The company aims to provide the highest standards of products and services to retailers and customers, becoming the essential reference in the industry. Additionally, Geometrix places a priority on ecology, designing and building sustainable constructions. With a focus on innovation, Geometrix is committed to maintaining its position as an industry leader, providing exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.


Geometrix has a rich history of innovation and growth in the concrete prefabrication industry. Here are some notable events in the company's history:

  • 2008-2010: Participated in various international salons, including the seus//Ca Southeast in the USA, Big 5 Dubai in the Middle East, Project Qatar in Qatar, and Salon ville et banlieue in Canada.

  • 2011: Worked with the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority and participated in Citybuild in Abu Dhabi and Project Qatar.

  • 2011: Transferred its GFRC technology to Bulgaria and established a facility there.

  • 2013: Undertook a development building project on an island in the Caribbean.

  • 2014: Opened the Melwood Geometrix Limited factory in Iraq and transferred technology to Herbil.

  • 2014: Signed an agreement with Mr. Al Suwaidi from Bin jabr Group in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  • 2015: Hosted Prime Minister Stephen Harper during his visit to the factory in Iraq and introduced the Gaia consideration product and technology for the Middle East at The Big 5 event.

  • 2016: Signed an agreement with Rwanda to support technical development of concrete projects in collaboration with a Turkish company and with Dr. Ange Guihede in Ivory Coast.

  • 2017: Undertook a housing project for Minister of Justice Majeed in Ajman.

  • 2019: Conducted research and development with Mr. Suemori, who is the R&D head of Kuraly in Japan, for ECC concrete.

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