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The Ultimate Building Material for Safety and Comfort

Geometrix Lightweight Steel Concrete is a waterproof, fireproof, and highly-insulating building material with excellent sound absorption properties. It's the perfect choice for any construction project that values safety and comfort.

The Future of Building with Geometrix Monolithic Concrete System

Geometrix Monolithic Concrete System offers a unique approach to building, using a combination of light gauge steel and multiple density concrete. This cost-effective system offers exceptional insulation with an R-value of 3 per inch (2.54 cm), and a standard wall R-value of 26. It's the perfect choice for any construction project that values strength, flexibility, and efficiency.


Bendable Concrete: Reinventing Building Materials with Unmatched Flexibility & Durability

Its flexibility makes it a great choice for structures that require movement, while its hydrophobic and vapor barrier properties ensure waterproofing and moisture control. Additionally, Bendable Concrete is made from inorganic components, making it highly fire-resistant and safer than traditional building materials.


CLC Insulation: Sustainable and Non-Combustible Thermal Performance

CLC Insulation is an innovative, inorganic lightweight insulation material that offers superior thermal performance and sustainability compared to traditional insulation. With a lambda of 35 density, it's a great choice for energy-efficient buildings. It's also non-combustible, making it safer than other insulation materials. Choose CLC Insulation for a sustainable and reliable choice for your next construction project.

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